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The Human Behavior Laboratory

The Human Behavior Laboratory is dedicated to theoretical and methodological development concerning the spatio-temporal organization of human behavior and interactions. The focus is on the development and testing of mathematical pattern types for the description and analysis of behavior as a complex process that takes place in real-time and space. A series of related patterns have already been defined and are now called the t-language or the t-system.

Special software, Theme, has been developed for the testing of the t-system and for its research application.The Theme software frequently detects complex hidden patterns that are missed by other available methods and software. The focus is mainly on human behavior but behavior of other animals is also considered because of the important perspective it often provides on the human case.


2021 - HBL has been working with PatternVision on the development and testing of Theme since 2001. Recently PatternVision announce the release of Theme 6.0 and ThemeEdu, available for download from www.patternvision.com. Theme 6.0 and ThemeEdu are available as 32b and 64b. Theme 6.0 has a software key protection but ThemeEdu can be downloaded at will and run un any number of PC. On the webpage, you can also download a beta version of the Theme 6.0 manual.

2020 - MASI stands for Research Group on Methodology for the Analysis of Social Interaction. The group was founded in 1995 with 5 participating universities and the activities have been summarized in number of books, papers and presentations at international conferences. In 2020 the convention was renewed, now with 40 universities participating. The groups organizes biannual conferences at participating universities. Latest convention can be downloaded here

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