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History of Theme


The Theme program by Magnus S. Magnusson has evolved over a number of years from a DOS program written in FORTRAN IV on PDP11 computers at the Psychological Laboratory, Copenhagen University (Magnusson, 1982).

Its development was then continued by M. S. Magnusson at the Anthropology Laboratory of the National Museum of Natural History in Paris (1984-1988) and then at the University of Paris (V, VIII, XIII) 1989-1993.

Its development has since been continued at the Human Behavior Laboratory, University of Iceland founded and directed by Prof. Magnusson and in collaboration with a number of laboratories in Europe and the USA.

Theme is now a WINDOWS 95/982000 and NT program written in the DELPHI programming language (Magnusson, 2000) and is used in a number of psychological and ethological laboratories in Europe, USA and Japan.

Theme has always been used in behavior analysis where the detection and interpretation of repeated hidden behavior patterns and the effect of independent variables on behavior and interactions have been central concerns.

The software development has now been transferred to Pattern Vision Ltd in collaboration with the Human Behavior Laboratory, U.I.

Introduction of Theme
Theoretical background of Theme

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